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Taking bookings for 2022/23


If you require any information about

"Gambler Duo" 

please use the contact page and I will get back to you ASAP

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"Love You Back"

by Geoff Hilton

"Where Corn Don't Grow"

by Geoff Hilton

"Tequila On Ice"

by Geoff Hilton

Tel: 07971 568844


UK Based Line/Partner Dance Solo and Duo Entertainer

Line dance entertainer cover the whole country. Line/Partner and modern dance music catered for as a Solo and Duo act. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK have travelled all over the mainland to fulfil gigs as Solo or as Gambler Duo.

I have decided to create a list of songs that I have recorded over the lockdown period.  The series is called "Life In The Loft"  and is a "Warts and All"  collection.  Basically that means that they are straight live recording without being mixed in the studio.  So they may contain some bum notes along the way but that's live music folks.  If you have been listening on my Face Book site, you will know that a lot of these tracks are requests from my friends online.  I will probably never sing these again on the 
circuit unless they are specifically asked for on a gig.

The list is being added to almost daily so keep checking back to see if there are any more that you want.  Also if you want me to record a particular track for you then as long as I can get the track I will record it and send it to you.

The recording will be £1 each and you can request them on my "Contact" page.  Just fill in the details in the contact box and use the send button to send.  You can pay through my Paypal account using the link at the bottom of the contact page. I will then send you the track to your email address direct.

If you have any difficulty with the procedure please send me a message.  The list can be found at the bottom of the contact page.   Thank you.

Take care and stay safe.

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