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As well as being the lead vocals/front man in "Gambler Duo", I also perform as a solo artist. 


My origins in music are in rock/pop and I was in groups for 30 years before starting in country music full time, in 2010/11.  My solo career first came about in 2010 when I gave up full time employment and launched my career as a country artist.


I contacted Lynn Jones from "Chelsea Artists" and he put me in touch with Pete Hamilton in May 2011 to form "Gambler Duo" and we did a promotional tour. I still maintained a solo career in the background. Pete and I have since moved on to follow our separate music preferences and at the moment Rod Hill (an artist with many years experience) is covering the duo gigs.

The up to date status of "Gambler" is that Rod was not able to fulfil the gigs required and my son Ian McAvoy has now taken the position of Bass player in the duo and will be a permanent member from now on.  We plan to put a CD together in the early 2019's.  A new Cd is also being produced for my Solo act during that period.

I love to see the dance floor full so I mainly perform for Line dancers / Partner dancers.  Although I sing mainly country music, the current running order covers a smattering of other styles, which has proved to be entertaining for the audience on the night.  There is gentle banter and I occasionally get on the dance floor with the audience whilst singing, which makes them laugh because I can't dance a step.

As yet most of you know that all venues are closed due to the pandemic, hopefully when it is over both myself and the duo will be back to play for you.

Due to this pandemic lasting so long and still no venues open, I have decided to recorded as many songs as I can as a record of the type of music I have performed in the past and now. 


At my age, I am aware that I cannot carry on singing forever so this collection of songs will be recorded as live recordings with no mixing down, so they will be a "Wart and All" collection. They are for my record only but if you want any of them, you can see a full list on the "Contact" page of the website.

In between times, stay safe and well and take care of each other.


Tel: 07971 568844


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